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30 Sep Oakridge Long Seater Range
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We have recently launched our stylish leatheraire sofas. At The Sofa And Bed Factory, we pride our selves on being different. We are a family run company who try to offer a choice for everyone, whethe..
13 Mar UK Made Sofas Reduced In Prep For Covid-19 Lockdown
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With the Coronavirus AKA (Covid-19) taking the UK by storm, people are starting to isolate themselves at home and there are talks of having a UK wide Isolation shut down. Being in the industry of sofa..
01 Oct Jordan Bespoke Small Corner Range
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Meet the Jordan Range! This small 3 seater corner sofa has been designed specifically for smaller sized homes. The corners are designed to reduce the issues going through doors and to adapt to smaller..
28 Oct How does our UK Factory work?
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How does our UK factories work?Theres a very simple process to choosing the right sofa for you. For starts there are 4 fantastic frames that we have made here in the UK  so the first step is choosing ..
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