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The Majority of our queries come from customers asking about our bespoke collection of sofas

At The Sofa And Bed Factory, we pride ourselves on crafting beautiful handmade bespoke sofas, for customers all over the UK, that are fit for purpose and personalities.

We understand not every sofa will be the right size for your room, Some like a firm sofa, some one you can sink into at the end of a hard day. Do you like fixed cushions or scatter back? One large L Shape or separate pieces? Fabric or Leather? Firm or Soft? Classic clean white or something durable to withstand children and pets? There are so many options to consider and for a lot of people the sofa is the hub of the home so you need it perfect for you and your lifestyle. It's an important investment that you will be relaxing on for years ahead and want to last, so take time to create the right one for you.

We have specialised skills in creating only the most luxurious pieces of furniture for your home that are built to stand the test of time. The beauty of our sofas is not only the high-quality craftsmanship but also our commitment to using the best quality materials for our sofas. Bespoke sofas are made to your exact sizes and dimensions, in a choice of over 20 fabric types and styles . Dozens of styles, traditional chesterfield and contemporary styles all handmade to order. We are a family run business with exceptional customer service and guarantees.

Our manufacturer creates each sofa with care and precision, using only the finest quality materials and fabrics to ensure your bespoke sofa is what you desire. All orders are handmade by experienced craftsmen and women; each piece is individually built to customer specifications. Any dimension length, depth, height can be altered to suit. Design changes including your choice of fabric, colour, and the back cushion styles can be incorporated and have a choice between a range of fabrics. Bespoke corner sofas built to the exact dimensions of your room are our speciality. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff will guide you through your options helping you to customise your sofa, chairs, corner sofa, or sofa-bed or even armchairs.

Most of our chairs come in a variety of sizes and shapes and a bespoke sofa means that you can customise many key elements – from fabric and colour to cushion fabric types. Investing in a quality piece of furniture is a lasting commitment and each bespoke sofa will feel different, bringing you the choice of softer or firmer sofas; deeper or narrower sets and much more.

We can design and create sofas that will be the perfect solution for your home, to your exact wants and needs. We make each sofa to order and can tweak designs to your preference, or design a solution entirely from scratch for your requirements. We'll make your sofa so that it's just how you want it. We've made hundreds of bespoke items of furniture for clients across the country. 

You can create your very own bespoke sofa in 3 simple steps to get it to finest quality for you , it really is that easy. Our experienced team will work alongside you to create a sofa that compliments your personality, lifestyle and home.

Step 1 - Choose Your Style

You have over 20 fabrics to choose for the style you desire. Many of our designs are available with different patterns and colours also cushion types and a range of furniture that can be added if needed. Our styles feature refreshing minimalist designs. Choose from over 40 styles or design your own luxury bespoke sofa. All our sofas are hand made entirely by us. All our luxury bespoke sofas are available as a sofa, corner unit and armchair.

Step 2 - Choose Your sofas Size

Once you've decided upon the style you like, the next stage is to pin down the right size that suits your practical needs. This will largely depend on the area of your living space and the look you're trying to achieve. We have a generous array of size options for each of our ranges, from wider to narrow sofas. 

Step 3 - Choose Your Fabric & Colour

All of our fabrics are made from quality materials including many natural cottons and linens. With over 20 fabrics and over 10 colours to choose from – you'll be sure to find the colour and material that matches your personality. Our premium upholstery is some of the finest on the market, with  velvets, cord and leathers and many more available for your selection. Combined with our array of bright, neutral and modern colour options. And add to your shopping cart.

Purchasing a new handmade sofa should be an enjoyable experience and we will help you to create a beautiful sofa for you to enjoy for years to come. With over 50 unique sofa styles, you're sure to find your next bespoke sofa .

Our furniture is 100% handmade to order,  using fabric and techniques that ensure our furniture will last a lifetime and you have no worries about spending more money in the future. Our Bespoke sofas come in all shapes and sizes to fit your desire. 

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We don't have a showroom which is how we keep our prices competitive, your sofas come straight from our sofa workshop. You can check out our google listing to see how our customers rate us and our exceptional company customer service standards.