With the Coronavirus AKA (Covid-19) taking the UK by storm, people are starting to isolate themselves at home and there are talks of having a UK wide Isolation shut down.

Being in the industry of sofas we know that there will be only 1 thing worse than your toilet roll being stollen in the next few months... And that's being stuck to a sofa that is not made for a relaxing 2 weeks off.. The Ruxley range is classed as a 'Sunday sofa' #Ifyouknowyouknow and lounging is what it is made for! Just look at those soft plush arms and that deep corner seat!

This range is bespoke and can come in all different sizes to suit a 1 person isolation to a group as large as you can think... as long as you have the meters for the sofa that is!

And on that note we would just like to say in preparation all the chit chat that is happening today, here's a 2 corner 2 in any colour for just £799, don't forget its UK made and delivered into your room of choice, our drivers WILL NOT shake your hand or cough in your face because we know our s..stuff!

Quick few details about our sofa..

  • UK Made within 2-3 week time frame.
  • 12 month manufacturing warranty as standard.
  • UKFR tested and approved.
  • Upholsted in a soft and lush jumbo cord/
  • Dimensions 259cm x 259cm
  • Arrives in 3 pieces for easy assembly
  • Can pay drivers £20 for assembly on the day.

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